GCc alumni

The Alumni Association serves as a platform to engage Global China Connection’s alumni and maintain and strengthen the bonds of friendship that were fostered at the university level. The Alumni Association’s various publications and events ensure that alumni have the opportunity to stay connected with the ever-expanding GCC network of leaders. 


If you don’t have an Alumni chapter in the city you live in and you want to start one, than please contact:
Jianxiong Zhang (jianxiong.zhang@gccglobal.org)

As Global China Connection enters its tenth year, it is more important than ever to keep a strong and vibrant alumni network around the world. As part of the focus on this area, GCC has revamped the Alumni Association website, as well as added new cities. Alumni chapters organize social and professional events to connect local alumni and promote GCC’s growth.

No matter what location you are in, we hope to build a better and more complete Global China Connection alumni database. Please fill in this survey if you have once been involved with GCC. Please contact the appropriate representative for your area to be more involved:



– Jesse Appell (beijing@alumni.gccglobal.org)




– James Morrissey (boston@alumni.gccglobal.org)




 – Derrick Fu and Edward Cheng (chicago@alumni.gccglobal.org)




- Yansong Pang (yansong.pang@gccglobal.org)


New York City


 – April Yidan Zhang (newyorkcity@gccglobal.org)




 – Ella Lu (philadelphia@alumni.gccglobal.org)




 – Eoin Brown (shanghai@alumni.gccglobal.org)


San Francisco


 – Wen Xing (sanfrancisco@alumni.gccglobal.org)




 – Yini Wang (shenzhen@alumni.gccglobal.org)




 – Tiffany Lee (toronto@alumni.gccglobal.org)