Announcing new GCC Senior Advisor, Dr. WAng HUIYAO



Global China Connection is proud to introduce Dr. Wang Huiyao as our new Senior Advisor in the Board of Advisors, effective August 1, 2016. Dr. Wang is the Founder and President of Center for China and Globalization (CCG), a top independent think tank in China dedicated to China and globalization studies, including the globalization of Chinese talent and enterprises. 

Dr. Wang is a well-known Chinese expert on China and globalization issues, on global migration, global talent, overseas Chinese, students, returnees and on Chinese firms going global and multinational companies in China; he is also a founder of several well-known Chinese overseas returnees organizations, a social entrepreneur and a top adviser to the Chinese government at both central and provincial levels as well as to international organizations and large enterprises. Among his numerous other appointments, Dr. Wang was appointed in 2015 by Premier Li Keqiang to the Councilor’s Office of the State Council of China.


We are deeply impressed by Dr. Wang’s personal and professional achievements as a mentor of young leaders and as a bridge between Chinese and overseas talent. In fact, Dr. Wang spoke at one of GCC’s earliest conferences after our founding in 2008. We are excited to start a more formal association with him and his institution. In his capacity as Senior Advisor, he will work closely with our student leadership, guide GCC-CCG joint research and publication programs, and serve as an advocate for our mission – to develop deep and meaningful relationships between Chinese and non-Chinese university students.


We are confident that Dr. Wang’s extensive knowledge of and effective public advocacy in global talent will be invaluable for all GCCers going forward. Please join us and welcoming Dr. Wang Huiyao to GCC!




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