Our Supporters


“I appreciate the work that you do at GCC. China as you know is the great thematic of the 21st Century, it's going to require seriously bright, dedicated folks like you, who know the country, who know the culture, and know the civilization, who know the language, and at the same time are specialists in their fields. Get that right, we can build some bridges which is serious, sustainable, and strong.”

– The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Former Prime Minister of Australia


“I would like to commend Global China Connection for putting together (the GCC Canadian Conference) and for advancing the ties of friendship and trade between our two countries.”

– The Hon. Stephen Harper, Former Prime Minister of Canada




“Organizations such as yours provide an important forum for business leaders, public officials, and scholars to connect with students in order to foster a dialogue that helps expand our mutual understanding and broaden our world view.”

– Kirsten Gillbrand, Senator from New York


“Global China Connection’s … chapters are rapidly becoming vital components of education and professional development around the globe.”

– Jerrold Nadler, US Representative from New York



“We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate once again with Global China Connection.”

– Dr. Weiying Zhang, Former Dean of Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management




“I applaud the students involved in GCC for their important work in linking our two nations”

 – Debora Spar, President of Barnard College




Then-GCC President Daniel Tedesco delivers a speech in Mandarin to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.






As a 501c)3 non-profit organization, Global China Connection is dependent on donations and sponsorships. In the past, companies and individuals alike have seen in GCC’s mission a message worth supporting, while benefitting from GCC’s international presence and extensive network among top universities and studies worldwide. With over 60 chapters worldwide, including those at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Peking University and Tsinghua, Global China Connection has become the most important venue for the promotion of trust and cooperation among future generations of global leaders. Corporate sponsors have not failed to realize the opportunities that GCC is able to offer. At Global China Connection, we gather the most talented and forward-looking young leaders of today from all over the world. Your sponsorship will create opportunities for these aspiring young leaders to meet, learn, and work together, advancing international trust and future business relations.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please email yaolin.zhang@gccglobal.org with your company information.