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Panel during the 4th GCC China Summit

Panel during the 4th GCC China Summit

Founded in 2008, Global China Connection (GCC) is a 501c)3 nonprofit organization for university students and young professionals of all nationalities looking to engage China’s emergence in the world. GCC connects future leaders from all nations and assists them in developing the skills and friendships necessary to succeed both in China and internationally. GCC is today present in more than sixty universities worldwide – and counting.

Our chapters are present in in the North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. Along with our geographic reach, we are able to connect thousands of students, recent-graduates, and professionals through our extensive network. There are no other organizations in the world that can boast such a wide and deep network between Chinese and outside students, institutions, and companies. Every year, we sponsor an ever greater number of local, regional, national, and international events.

Whether attending events, hosting delegations, writing research papers, or having a heated discussion over coffee, every interaction between our members connects China and the world, building a network of leaders who will shape the future.



our Mission

Global China Connection’s mission is to develop deep and meaningful relationships among Chinese and non-Chinese university students.

Over the last decade, China, Asia and the rest of the world have become increasingly interdependent, and it appears clearer every day that the 21st century will unfold as a function of Sino-US relations. Yet the direction of this engagement is still unclear, as economic, diplomatic, and geopolitical uncertainties still loom on the horizon. It is in the light of this historical situation that GCC’s mission and role will become even more relevant – not only to us, but to the rest of the world as well.




而GCC正是这个时代需要的那盏明灯 - 不仅对我们如此,对世界其他地方也是如此。



As an independent, non-profit, non-political organization with chapters on university campuses worldwide outside of mainland China, the objective of GCC is to:

  1. Create opportunities for Chinese students and their international counterparts to socialize, learn and work together.
  2. Through events and educational seminars—and the latest Internet, telecommunications and multimedia tools—bring together GCC members for learning, networking and developing future professional opportunities.
  3. Advance international trust and understanding through GCC member and alumni personal and professional relationships.
  4. Promote high ethical standards for GCC members’ academic, professional and personal lives along with a commitment to make the world a better place through lifelong fellowship.
  5. Have fun together.




Q: How do I join GCC?

A: You may join GCC by becoming a member of our GCC Central Management team or a GCC chapter. See a list of our university chapters here. If there is no chapter at your university, please consider starting one! More instructions are available here. In addition, many people attend GCC chapter events and subscribe to our monthly GCC Insights newsletter here.


Q: Do I have to be from China or speak Chinese to join GCC?

A: Not at all! GCC is a dedicated platform for young people from all over the world, with no restrictions to language or cultural background. What we share is a mutual interest and passion for everything China. This is a great opportunity for you to meet a vast network of future leaders who will be doing work related to China, whether you speak Chinese or not.


Q: Do I need to be a student to join GCC?

A: GCC members are current undergraduate and graduate university students. However, anyone is welcome to join and participate in GCC events. If you are already working full-time, you should contact the nearest GCC alumni committee. If you are a high-school student, you should contact the nearest university chapter, or contact us about starting a chapter at your high-school. While we do not have an age limit, most of our network is comprised of students or young professionals recently out of school.


Q: Do I need to be in the United States to join GCC?

A: Not at all! While we were founded and headquartered in the United States, GCC today is a global association of schools spanning four continents. We have chapters everywhere from New Zealand to Singapore to Germany. GCC chapters operate locally and often travel to the United States for our annual summit. Most of the work for GCC Central is also done remotely, and our team this year has been based in as many as five different countries.


Q: Can I join GCC Central and a GCC chapter at the same time?

A: We do allow members of GCC Central Management to serve simultaneously as an officer at a local GCC chapter. However, we will evaluate the positions you choose to serve, as well as your other extracurricular activities, to ensure that you have the time required to make this serious commitment.


Q: What if I want to sponsor GCC or work with GCC at a professional level?

A: For potential sponsors, please see this page to learn about our mission and find the appropriate contact information. We also have a Board of Advisors comprised of distinguished individuals who advise GCC and maintain a formal association. If you are interested in becoming a senior advisor, please email We are a non-profit run on a modest budget---please do not contact us to sell your firm's services.


Q: How do I contact a specific GCC chapter?

A: Please email, state your background and your purpose for contacting the specific chapter.


2 Annual Global GCC Summits held in the U.S. and China every year


70+ GCC chapters established across the world within 5 years


500+ young leaders from Asia, America and Europe attending one of GCC’s annual summits


4000+ GCC young leaders directly involved in GCC’s development


10,000+ subscribers to our GCC monthly newsletter


12,100+ followers on Facebook and Weibo combined


180,000+ page views from over 115 countries on our website